Woodbury Pewter Mint Juleps

Along with school approaching so quickly, SO WILL THE HOLIDAYS!
These Woodbury Pewter Mint Juleps are a GREAT way to spice up your Holiday Drinks!

Mint Julep - 8oz. - $31.00 each
Classic Cup - 8oz. - $31.00

We also have a 7oz. Liberty Cup available. If you wish to see a picture of this, just let us know.

Are You Ready for SCHOOL?

Can you believe the school year is just around the corner?
Don't let the school year sneak up on you without some of these cute things!
Smocked Art Apron - $14.00 each
(These are great for 3+ age boys or girls)

Nap Rolls - $38.00 each

(HOW CUTE ARE THESE ... Perfect for that little toddler in your family!)

Lunch Boxes - $15.00 each

(Who doesn't need a cute lunch box for school?
They are offered in Pink, Blue or Lime Green Seersucker)

Fun Totes - $10.00 each

(These are great for the MOM or the TEACHER ... what a great teacher gift!)

Cosmo Bag - $4.00 each

(This is great to throw in your purse, bag or just to carry to the grocery! They even match the Fun Totes above! They come in Tutti Pink, Mermaid Blue or Black Sequin.)

When ordering, don't forget to let us know which color choice you would like!!

More FUN SCHOOL and CHILDREN items to come SOON!!

Remember ... all the above items can be monogrammed by us or by someone you know! If you wish to monogram an item, please let us know! It is only $10.00 per name.